Designer Colin Healy: Homes For Living Life To The Fullest

I was published in Architect News recently! An excerpt is below, click the read more link at the end to read the full article.

Colin Healy believes that our homes reflect our values, and that living our values later in life is more important than ever for a fulfilled life.

Likewise, Colin’s core value is transforming lives through architecture and music. By day, he reinvents homes for his clients changing needs; by night, he plays in the Walkingwood Mandolin Quartet with some of his closest friends. He carries a harmonica in his pocket wherever he goes.

Just as music shapes his identity, Colin recognizes that a home should express its inhabitants’ evolving passions. In this spirit, he has transformed homes in various ways for more than 25 years. He currently helps Connecticut homeowners of the Baby Boom generation understand their ever-changing needs, designing homes that reinvigorate their lifestyle later in life.

To assist these clients during a time of massive changes, Colin developed his Next Step Home Design Process. He urges clients to create a Master Plan for their homes to be implemented as needs arise and resources are available. As a member of this generation, he deeply understands the experience. Ideally, Baby Boomers’ kids would live independently and their parents would be retired and self-sufficient, but that’s not always the case.

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