About Us

Colin Healy Design is a residential design firm serving Southern Connecticut specializing in home transformations. I bring over 25 years experience to the design of additions and remodeling and provide support and guidance through construction.

I reinvent homes to better support the evolving needs and dreams of their owners. Using my Next Step Home Design process, I guide you through the discovery of opportunities to adapt your home to your family’s requirements at each phase of life, from growing young families needing a family room or kitchen, to empty nesters with some spare bedrooms to put to imaginative new uses, to creating features for living your “Third Age” gracefully and creatively.

Homeowners looking to reinvent their homes can call me for a free phone interview. When you are ready, we can schedule a Next Step Discovery Review to determine your needs and options. At the end of a first meeting, I prepare an action plan to identify the most important steps needed to move your project forward with confidence.

If you want to learn more about how to establish a firm foundation for your project, order my free Next Step Home Design Planner.

​Transforming Homes For Transforming Lives