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Home Design Master Planning for the Sandwich Generation

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You are at the time of your life when you thought everything would be sorted out. The kids would be independent, your parents would be retired in some sunny clime and you would be free to live your dreams...but then reality hits.  Like so many of our peers, you need to play a larger supporting role in the lives of your children and parents.

Now is not the time to lose hope! In this lively and informative presentation, Home Design Transformation authority, Colin Healy, will show you ways to create new uses for your existing spaces.  He will demonstrate how you can transform your current home into your dream home, without having to leave home! 

You will learn about:

●The 5 essential elements for planning a successful Accessory Apartment

●Creating more effective living and working space within your existing home

●How personal spaces can be crafted to help keep your sanity

●Explore how living in your home longer can save you money and improve your health

●The value of a master plan for your home to be executed in stages

●How to determine if it is actually time to move!

About Colin Healy

Colin Healy believes that our homes are reflections of our personalities and our values, and that living by our values in our later years is more important than ever for living a fulfilled life!

For over 25 years, Colin has been transforming homes for beauty, function and longevity.  In his first company, Colin modified homes to use Passive Solar Energy to create heat and grow food year round in elegant greenhouse structures. He now helps countless homeowners reinvent their homes to fit their changing needs, evolving passions and growing families. 

He developed his Next Step Home Design Process to guide clients through the home design and construction experience with reduced risk and superior results.

Colin graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BARCH from the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College of New York. He is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist from the National Association of Home Builders, has lectured on Green Design, and chaired a study on Design Solutions for Home Sharing for Home Haven Village in New Haven, CT. He has co-authored articles on design in Senior Living Investor.

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