Westport Historic Facelift

This project was recently chosen as 1 of 9 Westport projects to receive recognition for Excellence in Historic Preservation in 2017.

This 1920's era worker's house was lovingly restored as a Colonial Revival house to meet the standards of a newly formed Evergreen Avenue Historic District. The earlier greenhouse style Dining Room Extension was replaced by a more traditional room with generous windows sized to prevent summertime overheating. The nearly invisible shed roofed entry shelter was converted to an inviting Entry Portico, now clearly visible from the driveway. 

Project Year: 2016
Project Cost: $50,001 - $75,000
Country: United States
Zip Code: 06880
Others who worked on this project: Faros Design.Build.Remodel

A wider Gabled Portico and a more traditional exterior make this dining room extension fit original style of this Classic Farmhouse.

The generous portico is easily seen from the driveway.

The Entry Portico is clearly visible from the driveway. The gently curved roof adds a bit of individuality to a traditional design. The new walls and windows of the Dining Room Extension put an end to greenhouse overheating in this south-facing space

The shutters were originally screwed to the wall. We refurbished them and added working hardware for an authentic look. The owner chose a bold yet traditional color to complete the transformation

Gutters were eliminated to feature the trim. A foamed ceiling eliminated the risk of ice dams. A buried steel border separates gravel from mulch and helps prevent mulch washout onto the driveway

Traditional Farmhouse with a 1980's greenhouse addition needed a more traditional look to fit the new Historic District

The entry covering was hidden behind the greenhouse and a large planting

We replaced the failing windows in the existing greenhouse and selected a traditional design to match the look of the house.

The new dining room extension was centered on an axis that allowed a more formal feel and a larger portico. The windows added to the traditional look and feel while letting in an abundance of natural light.

The fresh colors enliven the feel of the room, making it feel even larger and brighter.

Antique furniture and a custom area rug complete this perfectly comfortable dining room.

The homeowner reinforced the symmetry of the room with the careful placement of art and antique furniture.